Please Help Me Keep His Killer in Prison

Roland Slingerland.jpg

Pictured above is my Dad, Roland Slingerland.

John Terrance Porter was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to Life Imprisonment for brutally axing my Dad to death in an unprovoked attack.

Life should mean Life. It did for me. It did for my Dad.

You can help me keep his killer in prison.


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To whom it may concern;


I wish to add this letter to the file of John Terrance Porter stating my objection to his application for day parole.


I am aware that he is currently incarcerated on a first-degree murder charge for savagely axing a man to death in an unprovoked attack.


Any risk assessments done prior to consideration for release into the community should fully take in to account the brutality and anger of his crime.


As a Canadian taxpayer, I demand you put my safety first and keep John Terrance Porter incarcerated.

Sincerely -
I can be reached by phone at this number: