Excluded Again: No hearing for killer, just another slap in the face for his victims

September 2020

When I was 21 years old I had to identify my Dad’s butchered body at the morgue. He was murdered in Oshawa Ontario by a man named John Terry Porter. When my Dad wouldn’t tell him the location of the woman he was looking for, Porter took an axe to him.


Porter was on probation for another crime at the time. His criminal record includes attempted murder of his own father (a Police Officer in New Brunswick), multiple assault charges, and forcible confinement of a woman and her child.


Porter still denies part of what he did to my Dad.


Over the years and out of necessity it has become my job to take part in the judicial process and keep him in prison. To make ‘Life’ mean life.


This has been no easy task.


Now Terry Porter has applied for full parole and it is likely the last chance for a hearing that I would have been able to meaningfully participate in before he’s released into the public permanently...


But despite my pleas and efforts (or maybe because of them) the Parole Board of Canada is opting to have what they’re calling a ‘paper decision’.

What this means is that there will not be a hearing where his victims can read their impact statements.

They won’t even give me a date for when it is to occur. ‘October’ is all they will tell me.


The review of his file says that Terry Porter is more likely to re-offended than not, but with the Parole Board of Canada such a finding commonly does little to prevent a release.


Given the limitations that the Parole Board of Canada has placed on my ability to participate in this process that is about to take place, I have little choice but to once again ask you for your help.


I am asking you to email the Parole Board stating that you object to Terry Porter’s release. It is all I can do from the sidelines where they have put me.


Just click the link below and the email will come up. Feel free to change any of the words as you see fit. Or copy and paste the text of the letter below into your own email browser and send it to:




Thank you for your help.


For the File of John Terrance Porter/Community Letter


To whom it may concern:


I wish to add this letter to the file of John Terrance Porter stating my objection to him being fully paroled.


This offender has a lengthy record: While on probation, he killed an innocent man by axing him to death. Other serious charges include the attempted murder of his own father, assault charges, and forcible confinement.


As a taxpayer of this country, I am requesting that dangerous criminals like Terry Porter remain incarcerated, and in any tabulation of risk management the first consideration to be that on previous release he killed a man.


At what point does the severity of a crime tip the balance of the scales and a dangerous man denied full parole?


That time is now.